Weight Loss and Side Effects of CLA

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Is conjugated linoleic (CLA) acid has negative side effects? It works to lose weight ?cla weight loss CLA has been sold for many years as a fat loss supplement on the basis of weight loss and body composition (eg , lose fat and gain muscle ) changes observed in studies with mice and rats . Does it work in humans ? More recently,cla weight loss research in humans has shown that it can be used to increase fat loss . In this article we will see some of the benefits of CLA , as well as some of the potential side effects. In addition to studies of weight loss have not been ( and are being ) a number of studies on the effects of this fatty acid in reducing inflammation, fight against cancer and in the treatment of other conditions cla weight loss.

Cla weight loss how to ?

Since 2007 , there has been an increase in the use of CLA as a fat burner. This is due to the release of a meta-analysis ( essentially a review of several scientific studies ),cla weight loss published in the May 2007 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that 3.2 g / d of CLA can induce moderate weight loss in humans. CLA is a sexy weight loss supplement and many people use conjugated linoleic acid in the context of a fat loss supplement stack ( ie , a group of compounds and herbs together to maximize effects) ,cla weight loss because, unlike many other weight loss supplements is not a stimulant and does not suffer unpleasant side effects get nervous , cardiac, or worse rates – increased blood pressure. This is mainly because there are not many fat burners cla weight loss effective nonstimulant options on the market.

cla weight loss Let us now look at two studies involving more people taking additional CLA. The first study was published again in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The researchers found that when people supplemented with 3.2 g / d of CLA (which is usually the dose recommended weight loss ) and especially more fat burned more fat when they slept burned cla weight loss !

This is true cla weight loss.

Not only subjects taking CLA burned more fat when they slept,cla weight loss fat burning fat is not that they had just eaten , but actually burning fat reserves . This study is even better because the researchers reported that people who took CLA decreased urinary protein losses . In other words, the CLA group had better retention of the protein when sleeping cla weight loss. These results are really interesting . If I owned a supplement company selling large doses of CLA – my new title would be ” CLA – Scientifically proven to burn more body fat and increase muscle mass while you sleep . “

Thus , CLA can work for weight loss , but there side effects? Again in 2007 ,cla weight loss another study was published that the effects of CLA on weight loss were examined , this time in obese people. In this study , participants received doses of CLA 0, 3.2 , or 6.4 g / day. At the end of the study, the group receiving 6.4 g / d of CLA experienced a significant increase in a compound called C – reactive protein , or CRP for short. The C – reactive protein is a protein that is released by the liver . It is commonly used in the medical field as a general marker for the level of inflammation in the body – CRP ,cla weight loss the greater the inflammation .

Cla weight loss !!!

Although there is an increase in CRP , which was really not clinically significant ,cla weight loss CRP remained below what is considered normal ( normal CRP levels are 3mg/dl ) . It is also important to ensure that people realize in the study had increased CRP after taking a supplement of CLA took 2x the ” recommended ” for weight loss dose and that obese people tend to have higher levels PCR (this could come into play here too) cla weight loss. The group that only took 3.2 grams per day has not been any increase in their CRP levels .

cla weight lossBased on the findings of the studies mentioned above and the review of the research article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is seems that 3.2 g / d of CLA can safely take to increase the loss weight .

The next question is …

What to do with these results? At the moment there is not much … CLA is a beautiful addition to a fat loss program , but “add -on” is the key word . CLA is perfect for stacking nutrients such as combing these effects with a supplement such as green tea extract ( which has also been shown to increase weight loss) , increased physical activity not – exercise,cla weight loss and several meals throughout the day will surely increase your fat loss . If you are there with your nutrition, weight 3 times a week and do 3 sessions a week apart , so do not waste your time with CLA and focus on more important things .

Weight Loss and Side Effects of CLA

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